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interfisch 9c84e97a58 add field weakening for command values >1000 3 years ago
interfisch 2f19aa1de9 enable debug output on uart2 3 years ago
interfisch a2b6f50582 change steer and speed to speedl, speedr 3 years ago
interfisch 11274864ab change readme 3 years ago
interfisch 1e9a03bc50 copy own changes from old version 3 years ago
larsm 3e2cfe973a Fixed timeout. Now it is usable for other input methods than nunchuck. 3 years ago
larsm ffda2219f1 Added Motor-Test-Mode: Sweep motors slowly forward and backward without any input. 3 years ago
Jan Henrik 2c666c8cb4
Merge pull request #95 from btsimonh/master 3 years ago
btsimonh e410438330
Merge pull request #24 from btsimonh/bipropellantref2 3 years ago
btsimonh 5fbd54d9ab
Add BiPropellant reference to readme 3 years ago
btsimonh 226278b2fc
Merge pull request #23 from NiklasFauth/master 3 years ago
Jan Henrik f06ce1fcd3
Update README.md 3 years ago
Jan Henrik 6defd8fe96
Update README.md 3 years ago
Jan Henrik f0fc144e29
Update README.md 3 years ago
NiklasFauth 6d6c3c8a43
added warning and link to uart control to readme 3 years ago
Jan Henrik bf2359ec6d
Merge pull request #64 from blubbi321/blubbi321-patch-2 3 years ago
Jan Henrik 9beae76952
Update README.md 3 years ago
Jan Henrik a2336aadc7
Update README.md 3 years ago
larsm c47457cad3 updated README.md: added link to compiler 3 years ago
NiklasFauth 2d57ae64c5
Added details about build instructions 4 years ago
Niklas Fauth f7bc79b80d ADD: gifs for readme and wiki 4 years ago
LeoDJ 203eac0003
Merge pull request #63 from blubbi321/blubbi321-patch-1 4 years ago
blubbi321 e56b5cbdb3
Update config.h 4 years ago
blubbi321 3ddaa5e49b
Update README.md 4 years ago
larsm 1a49e2cced fixed comment in battery calibration. it is serial debug channel 5, not 4. 4 years ago
NiklasFauth 2fce44cc98
Merge pull request #46 from p-h-a-i-l/master 4 years ago
phail de94812483 debug serial can use USART2 and USART3 4 years ago
Leandro Späth 28287b9acc
Merge pull request #47 from Lahorde/master 4 years ago
Lahorde 69e40a0a8e
Update README.md 4 years ago
Jan Henrik a6c83f0e67
Update config.h 4 years ago
Jan Henrik b67066dfc1
Changed DELAY_IN_MAIN_LOOP to default value 4 years ago
Jan Henrik efa48254a2
Create LICENSE 4 years ago
larsmm 3571506963
Merge pull request #39 from Milletimisev/master 4 years ago
Muhammed Taskiran 96dcc3099b
Update README.md 4 years ago
larsm 0243eb347e added board temperature calibration, warning and poweroff (rene-dev and me); rearranged config.h; fixed backwards beep overflow; removed duplicate battery-adc-code (rene-dev); improved battery voltage measurement precision; put poweroff procedure to a separate function; poweroff button now only work if field weakening is 0 (otherwise everything will explode) 4 years ago
larsm 612dce68ea fixed serial debug output, backward beep and low bat beeps work now together, low bat beeps can now be disabled, added inactivity timeout 4 years ago
larsm 2932480274 improved low bat detection on other then 10s 4 years ago
larsm a31ea1dcd1 fixed and improved serial debug output 4 years ago
larsm 3d0ed7e9c0 now you set battery alert levels in volt per cell and set number of cells. less annoying battery alert beeps. small cleanup. 4 years ago
larsm dd5a128199 added battery voltage calibration, see config.h 4 years ago
larsm 38cb5992f2 added more setScopeChannel for debug output, fixed line ending in debug output 4 years ago
larsm ac87327ebe fixed comments on uarts in config.h 4 years ago
Niklas Fauth db9194e9bd FIX: Arduino example code in config file 4 years ago
Niklas Fauth 1d4dd42bde RM: unused uart struct 4 years ago
Niklas Fauth 2d2a9c4d11 UPD: usart control now with steer and speed as control values. Btw this is not tested yet but I don't see why it shouldn't work ;) 4 years ago
Niklas Fauth b3fe48a832 ADD: control via uart. Send two int16 (4 bytes) to usart 2 to control the motors with an arduino or a raspberry pi 4 years ago
NiklasFauth 9332f59f82
Merge pull request #20 from larsmm/master 4 years ago
larsm 88b26123c2 added lots of comments; added some validation to config.h; improved adc-input: added min and max adc-values, added poti calibration, added adc-values to debug-output; added support for a second button connected to adc2; added INVERT_R_DIRECTION and INVERT_L_DIRECTION; updated readme 4 years ago
NiklasFauth 057407ae24
Merge pull request #15 from TobleMiner/ppm-sanitize-rebase 4 years ago
Tobias Schramm 2dd9d37bb3 Enhance robustness of PPM parsing 4 years ago