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interfisch b0d1573a25 change mqtt broker address 6 months ago
interfisch ffc8eac909 add animations for textFull and image 4 years ago
interfisch 1251a0ad90 add comments for local testing and production environment 6 years ago
interfisch f59346f307 fix hangman error if display string empty 6 years ago
starcalc 7d9bf4f7fb Pfad von der DejaVuSansMono.ttf angepasst auf den Standard-Systempfad 6 years ago
Starcalc a1d725dc2b Berechtigungen wiederhergestellt 6 years ago
Starcalc c40a946c12 Aenderungen notwendig fuer minibian (root only) 6 years ago
interfisch 6042cde5ba Add .gitignore for hangman worlists, add henne to nerdwords, change hangman list to wordsonly.txt 6 years ago
interfisch ce3978e62a changed font_size to 9 6 years ago
interfisch a2d997099d new words and inuse timer for manual flipdot usage, blocks time/power update for a while 6 years ago
interfisch b3132e31cb changed thread running condition to .isAlive() 6 years ago
interfisch c2804d8ac1 thread buxfix, attempt #1 6 years ago
interfisch 049efaa26f default value for slow change animation increased 6 years ago
Stefan Kinzel fef5220d3b remove gitlab-ci 6 years ago
interfisch a5febee751 startup script added 6 years ago
interfisch 74f6b35e0f added missing hangman files 6 years ago
interfisch 753f2c2b7c kleine testaenderung 6 years ago
interfisch d0dc6333a3 Merge branch 'master' of repos.ctdo.de:ctdo/mqtt-to-flipdot 6 years ago
interfisch c43fe55663 threads for marquee and send text animation implemented. working! hopefully 6 years ago
stefan 0007e64985 Update .gitlab-ci.yml 6 years ago
stefan 1484d3b16b Add .gitlab-ci.yml 6 years ago
interfisch 174ac4c363 viele aenderungen vom fisch 6 years ago
Stefan Kinzel be69a44dfe add hangman (buggy) 6 years ago
Stefan Kinzel ae423d4e76 add python-script to send gifs 6 years ago
Stefan Kinzel 796d950ec3 Lustige neue Funktionen gemacht 6 years ago
Stefan Kinzel 863e07d89e tuning 7 years ago
Stefan Kinzel 74abec0096 initial commit 7 years ago